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The world of cosmetics can be so cool and inventive. But sometimes you’ve got to be careful with what you are experimenting with.

The newest trend is one to be wary of: making highlighter out of Lush bath bombs. While it is not dangerous per se, we (and more importantly. dermatologists), don’t recommend it.

Lush fans on social media have posted about using the dreamy bath companions to give their faces that incomparable glow.

Lush makes all natural products, so your face can probably withstand a quick swipe. However, it is not recommended, even by Lush themselves.

The company said,

“We always encourage our customers to use our products for their intended use, so in this case [bath bombs] are meant to be enjoyed in the bath. That said, it certainly wouldn’t cause harm to use it on your face.”

Dermatologists agree. Dr. Michele Farber explained:

“While the Lush products contain many ingredients that are good for your skin, the bath bomb contains ingredients that are meant to be washed off rather than used as a leave-on product… The thicker oils in the product may leave your body feeling great, but may cause irritation when left on the face, particularly for those with sensitive skin.”

Additionally, Dr. Farber reports that the fragrances added to the bath bombs may cause acne or eczema flare ups.

Some say life hack, we say hello acne. So while using iridescent colors and groovy glitter is cool, stick to products that are sold for the sake of being used on your face.

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