Honestly, I love all things Lush.

It’s one of those companies that can do no wrong in my opinion. From their awesome products to their philanthropic work, and their inclusive campaigns, they are doing everything right for me.

Some of their products I use as more of a “treat yo’self” kind of thing. As much as I’d love to use an $8 bath bomb every day, it’s more financially feasible to use it for a luxurious treat. But one of their items is a staple in my hygiene routine: their shampoo bars.

Lush shampoo bars are like little hockey pucks of soapy goodness. You apply the product by either rubbing it directly on your head or lathering it on your hand and then rubbing into your pretty little scalp.

The shampoo bars offer natural remedies to treat your hair woes. Plus, with a dozen gentle and pleasing scents to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. I personally like the “Montalbano” and “Brazilliant.”

Aside from the results in my hair, what I love about the shampoo bars is, like everything at Lush, they are made from natural ingredients. This is even more important than I initially realized. Which would you rather rub on your body: Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Lemon Peel? For your own health and safety, you want to be using products that primarily consist of words you recognize or identify. Kind of like with food, the fewer chemicals, the better!

lush shampoo bar review
Credit: Lush/ Instagram

Additionally, think of what happens to those nasty chemicals when they run off your body and down the drain. They are getting into the Earth and water supply. I don’t think I have to tell you twice that this probably isn’t for the best.

And as a final bonus, the shampoo bars are sold as is… no packaging! I think the giant island of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean might thank you for your more environmentally-conscious decision. Although it does not come packaged, Lush recommends keeping the bar in a little tin or box of some sort to keep it fresh. Plus,  it might dissolve in your shower otherwise. Lush actually sells tins for about $4.

The one tiny warning I will give about the bars is that using a more natural shampoo may take your hair time to adjust to (i.e. your hair might not look as shiny and clean as with conventional shampoo, at first). But after a few wash cycles, it’ll be like you’ve been pals forever.

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