Madison Paige is spilling the beans on becoming an inspiration for people around the world.

There’s no question that Madison Paige is absolutely stunning. One glance at Madison’s Instagram account proves why over 216,000 people around the world are so enamored by the model.

And now Madison is speaking out about what it’s like to be a gender-neutral role model for so many.

“It means so much to me—especially because every day, I feel myself getting more and more comfortable,” Madison told Nylon.

And for those of you who don’t quite understand the concept of gender fluidity, let Madison explain it to you:

“A lot of people think that being gender fluid means that you’re trying to label yourself as gender fluid, trying to label yourself as another category, but the whole point is to try and rid yourself of labels.”

And now with so many fans supporting Madison, the Instagram sensation is officially collaborating with Photo/Genetics + CO to create an androgynous fashion line consisting of tees, oversized shirts, hats, and necklaces. So cool!

As for Madison’s advice to others who struggle with their identity? Madison says,

“You don’t have to know what you are or be the same thing every day. If you wake up feeling like you completely contradicted everything you were yesterday, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person—it just makes you human. Just go with it.”

Ugh, we’re so obsessed with Madison! And the new fashion line is just as cool as you’d expect it to be. Check out all the items here.

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