Everyone has an opinion on the first daughter’s decision.

Credit: Official White House Photo

Malia Obama is going to Harvard! Congrats girl! The East Wing of the White House announced the news six days ago. So what’s all the fuss about?

The oldest daughter of the Prez won’t be starting school until the fall of 2017. That’s right, the first daughter is officially taking a gap year (*cue gasps*).

Not an unusual decision for teens, Malia has decided to take a year off before attending the ivy. And the internet has lost all its cool!

malia obama
Curtesy: Officially White House Photo

Headlines range from “Malia Obama taking a gap year is the ultimate sign of luxury” to “Malia Obama is Taking a Gap Year — And So Should All Students.” Social media is debating the decision, as are teen mags.

Malia has yet to tell us what she’ll be doing with her gap year (although we suspect it will be something wonderful and important), nor has she actually commented on the gap year beyond the official press release.

Well, Malia, we totally support your decision! Do what’s right for you and don’t let the haters get you down. Can’t wait to hear what the next year has in store for you!


According to rumor, Malia Obama just landed herself a prime gig for her gap year next year.

Page Six is reporting the oldest Obama daughter has an internship with Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein, aka the producer behind more than 300 movies and TV shows including Project Runway, Pulp Fiction, gangs of New York, Good Will Hunting, She’s All That, and many, many more.

Obviously, we have no idea if this is 100% true (after all it is Page Six), but it would make sense given her past experience. In 2015, she had a summer internship on the set of Girls and prior to that she was a PA for Halle Berry’s show Extant.

We’re so excited for her that she has such an awesome plan for her gap year in between college. Afterwards, she’ll attend Harvard University.

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