tis is us finale
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Were you in tears over the season finale of This Is Us? So were we!

Last night we saw the most epic fight between Jack and Rebecca. It resulted in Jack leaving his beloved family, leaving viewers to wonder until season two, what happens next?

Although the season ended differently than we expected, many thought they were all going to see how Jack dies (but seriously, please don’t make us wait much longer). Luckily, Mandy Moore andMilo Ventimiglia decided to grace us with some insight.

The onscreen couple reminded us that this is just a TV show, and of course, the whole thing is completely scripted. Ventimiglia added,

“Our writers are that talented.”

Moore even admitted that the scene took tons of rehearsal to get it up to snuff.

When asked if she knew how Jack dies — aka the topic on everyone’s mind —, Moore laughed and said,

“Yes, girl. We all do…We have to know. We all have to have a working knowledge—Sterling, Justin, Chrissy—because it’s a monumental, life-changing shift in their lives. This event—there is sort of before Jack and after Jack—and so, yes, it’s essential that we all knew from the get-go, how it happens, when it happens, etc.”

This Is Us has been renewed for a second and third season and we are on the edge of our seats awaiting to see what happens next.

Until then, watch the “Big 3” reenact some of the epic lines originally read by their older counterparts.

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