Every little bit helps.


The Greeks have done it again!

The latest study researching the effects of diet on depression has found that a rich Mediterranean diet led to a lower risk of depression.

The study defined a Mediterranean diet as the following:

“High intake of fruits, nuts, vegetables, bread, pulses, potatoes, seeds, cereals, and pasta), fresh and varied fruits as the main and usual dessert, olive oil as the main source of fat and commonly used for salads and cooking, frequent consumption of fish, moderate wine consumption with meals, low amounts of meat (mainly poultry instead of beef and pork), and low to moderate consumption of dairy products.”

Eating such a diet in turn led to improved brain functions as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

In particular, the scientists though that olive oil, nuts, fruits, legumes, and/or fish had the greatest impact.

So all we need to do is move to Greece and we’ll be all set, right? Sounds good to us!

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