melania trump
source: Instagram


Twitter had a field day yesterday when some users discovered that First Lady Melania Trump had liked a tweet that does not exactly paint a nice portrait of Donald.

The “like” has since been deleted, but obviously many people have the image saved. God bless the screenshot, am I right?

Writer Andy Ostroy created the tweet in question:

It was easy for people to discover that the tweet had been favorited by Melania, as she only had one other tweet saved.

We imagine that it could have been an accident. Or not?? Regardless, we are cringing.

Twitter is the hot-spot for all things anti-Trump. From legitimate analyses of his actions to parodies and anti-Trump onions, there’s no shortage of this kind of content about the President. And we are more than okay with that.

Do you think Melania should address the slip-up, or just act like it never happened?

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