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mental health
source: Instagram

Men everywhere are putting aside their (ridiculous) masculinity to spread the message about mental health — and we love it! Men and women across the globe are sharing the hashtag #ItsOkToTalk in order to encourage men to talk about their feelings, rather than keep it inside.

It was all started by one man: Irish rugby player Luke Ambler. Luke started the hashtag after his brother-in-law committed suicide in order to spread the word about the prevalence of mental health. Along with a photo on Instagram, he posted the message:

The single biggest killer of men aged under 45 is suicide! In 2014, 4623 men took their own life. That’s 12 men everyday, one man every 2 hours!!!! 41% of men who contemplated suicide, felt they couldn’t talk about their feelings. Only 20% of the U.K. Know that suicide is the mostly likely cause of death for men under 45. Let’s show men all across the world that#ITSOKAYTOTALK.”

He then nominated five friends to get the message out their. And now only one month later, the hashtag has nearly 6,000 posts on Instagram alone. Luke has also started Andy’s Man Club on Facebook to honor his brother-in-law, which has over 5,000 followers.

mental health2
source: Instagram

Men of all races and ages are embracing the hashtag, along with the message. We’re so proud that #ItsOktoTalk is spreading like wildfire. As Luke notes, suicide is one of the top killers for men and its increasingly important that we get folks talking about it.

The hashtag has become so big in the U.K that even celebrities are joining in on the mission, including actor Ricky Gervais.

Let’s keep it going and spread Luke’s message, Because it’s true —It’s ok to talk.

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