This is heartbreaking.


As if this week hasn’t been hard enough, we have some very upsetting news: Milo Ventimiglia is not Team Jess. What’s a Gilmore Girls fan to do??

The This is Us actor was chatting with Elle when the subject of the Gilmore Girls reunion came up (naturally). But it turns out Milo doesn’t think that Jess and Rory should end up together. He explained,

“I was at a Comic Con one time and somebody asked what team I was and I said ‘you know, put that to the side. Did people ever consider that if Jess is Team Rory?’ Maybe not, she broke his heart twice. I think he’s on her side because he cares about her but everybody is dying them to be together and it’s like it didn’t work. Why force anything?”

We can’t believe out ears! Just because it didn’t work once doesn’t mean it couldn’t work now. They have both come so far! Jess wrote a book for goodness sake!

In light of recent events we don’t know if we can accept this. Just saying.

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