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Is anyone else still recovering from last night’s episode of This is Us?

Granted, we could be referring to just about any episode of the series. But here we are talking specifically about the ‘Memphis’ episode.

If that episode had you gasping for breath like us, you are not alone.

Creator Dan Fogelman and actor Milo Ventimiglia had a feeling fans might have intense responses the the shocking episode.

Before the episode aired, Ventimiglia tweeted a photo of himself holding up an excuse notes for fans to hand in to their teachers or employers on Wednesday. It was then that we knew that something brutal was coming.

After the episode, creator and writer Dan Fogelman shared a photo of the note he had written for Ron Cephas Jones, who plays William. The note is a good step in helping fans bounce back from the heart-wrenching episode.

It’s amazing to see a show with such relevancy that fans and creators alike can share and discuss deep-rooted feelings. Actor Sterling K. Brown even live-streamed after the episode and cried as he responded to this episode that meant so much to him and his character.

With so many other inevitably emotional episodes on the horizon, we’ve fastened our seat belts for a bumpy ride.

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