Ok, just hear us out, people.

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Everyone knows that The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a Big. Freakin. Deal. (And still is, if we’re being honest).

The show was one of the first (if not the first) to feature a single woman living alone and pursuing a career. Mary was everyone’s shero as she dealt with the workplace, friends, and love. She was feisty, or as Lou Grant would say, she had spunk, and she took on tough issues as well as silly ones (who can forget when her and Rhoda stayed up all night writing progressively funnier obituaries, only for one to accidentally air the next day?!).

And while TV has made some amazing strides, we still lack some really cool single lady inspirations. How many shows can you think of that feature a single woman in her 30s who lives sans roommates, has real career goals, and deals with issues in the workplace that are not boy-related? (This is not a rhetorical question, if you can think of any, please holler at us in the comments section).

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Mindy Lahiri has been living on her own since season 1 and while she can definitely be a bit guy-crazed, her whole life isn’t about finding a man. Remember that episode in season 1 where Danny and Jeremy tried to leave her out of making decisions for the firm, despite the fact that she was also a partner at the practice. She then she dealt with them like a total boss and it was awesome.

She may not be super conventional, but hey, neither was Mary back in the 70s. Perhaps Mindy is 2016’s version?

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We love Mindy for always being true to herself, for refusing to compromise her career goals in order to become a stay-at-home mom, and for never apologizing for being larger than a size 0.

We want to throw it to you here — we know that Mary Tyler Moore is crazy iconic and we want to hear your thoughts. Think Mindy lives up to the legend or is it too soon to tell?


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