The series finale of The Mindy Project aired on Hulu on Tuesday.

Although many were disappointed by the predictable and cliché end to the series (present company included) there’s one thing that never disappointed throughout the show’s six-season run: Mindy’s outfits. I mean, I can’t think of a single time when they weren’t on-point.

It might be hard to pull off Mindy’s most iconic looks in real life, but now you can try. Some of her favorite outfits and props are officially available for purchase through an online auction.

Hulu partnered with Universal Television and Screenbid to sell 45 clothing items and props in celebration of the series’ finale. The auction began on Monday night and runs through November 27th. Items starting bids range from $50-$500. What price would you pay to own that beloved lemon dress?

Other items on sale include purses, scrubs, and workout gear from the time she trained for the triathlon. You can also buy hilarious props such as Danny’s mushy letter to his ex-wife Christina, Later Baby! swag, and Brian the skeleton.

Everything on sale is “seen on screen” verified, meaning that they are the real items worn on the show, not copies or knock-offs. If you feel hesitant to shell out the cash for a TV costume, perhaps this will put your mind at ease: the profits from many of the items will benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.


Look cute and fund crucial cancer research? Sign me up!

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