prepare yourselves!

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Admit it: you are obsessed with MTV’s The Challenge. We are!

As the show gears up for the new season called “Invasion of the Champions,” they’ve released a promo with everyone’s favorite vet CT Tamburello.

The champ says in the clip,

“Us champs, when we were coming up, and we were rookies, and we had to work our way to the top, we didn’t have layups, we didn’t have passes, we didn’t outnumber the champs. So you had to play this political game, but you had to play nice, but you had to perform. And there were so many different variables that were involved in it.”

We’re so psyched!

The season will feature all your favorites: Camila, Cara Maria, Laurel, Zach, and even Bananas — because what is a Challenge without Bananas?

Invasion of the Champions premieres February 7 on MTV.

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