No locks, yes lox

source: Instagram

Well, New York City certainly has a good sense of humor, doesn’t it?

The latest pic making the rounds on the internet is actually a new (brilliant) sign posted on the Brooklyn Bridge, which reads “No Locks, No Lox.”


So what exactly are they referring to, you might ask. Well, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge you may have seen a vast array of locks on the bridge, which couples often bring and fasten to signify their everlasting love. But it turns out the locks aren’t so great for the bridge — they even caused a wire holding up a light to snap back in September.

The tradition of affixing locks to bridges certainly isn’t unique to Brooklyn — the ritual is actually done on many European bridges as well, like the Pont des Arts in Paris.

So the Department of Transportation decided to get creative, and thus the sign was born.

They went to a local deli — Leo’s Bagels, to be exact — and photographed a delicious bagel with all the fixings.

The signs maker, John Jurgleit, said, “I didn’t think we’d actually put a bagel on a city sign.”

But they did! And now the sign is a total sensation! But will it actually do the trick and deter visitors from leaving locks on the bridge? Only time will tell.

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