ny tourism

New York is now using the premise of “equal rights” to promote tourism.

The newest “I Love NY” ad features a young girl and her mother visiting Susan B. Anthony’s house in Rochester. It’s running in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York and is promoting historical monuments such as Stonewall, Harriet Tubman’s house, and more to convince the resistance to come and spend their money in the state.

Of the campaign, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said,

“With this campaign, we celebrate the people and places that helped make New York what it is today: New Yorkers who risked their lives to be a part of the Underground Railroad, leaders who started the women’s rights movement at Seneca Falls, and rebels who stood up for LGBTQ rights at Stonewall. In New York, we know that our differences unite us and only make us stronger and I encourage everyone to hit the road and visit these key sites in our state’s history.”

Well, it’s certainly… creative. Other state’s tourism ads have gone the celebrity route with California touting Kim Kardashian, Philadelphia using Oprah Winfrey, and Tennessee using Keith Urban. So it’s definitely a distinctive route that New York is taking. It’s a little dicey as to whether or not the marketing of women’s rights for monetary gain is completely ethical, but we’re going to let that one slide for now.

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