Birth control right at our fingertips? Yes, please.

birth control
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Birth control at our fingertips? Yes, please! The latest in birth control technology from Silicon Valley is the app Nurx that makes it easier than ever to get birth control.

Nurx is designed to give women access to birth control who may not live close to Planned Parenthood or can’t afford to make an appointment with the gyno.

So how exactly does it work without a doctor? Well, there actually is a doc, you just never meet face to face. All you do is pick your brand, a doctor approves it remotely and then you get it delivered right to your door. If you have insurance, the cost is free or minimal (just as they would be). Otherwise, the app offers options for as little as $15.

This is in no way meant to be a replacement to a yearly visit to the gynecologist. But it is an awesome way to get birth control when getting a prescription can often be more complicated than need be.

Right now the app is only available to folks who live in California, Washington state, and New York due to local laws and restrictions on contraceptives.

It may be new but it’s fair to say that we’re already obsessed.

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