Diane explains how true-to-life the racism shown in OITNB can be.

This season of Orange is the New Black showed a new side of racism within the prison: tension between the various Latina communities. Diane Guerrero recently opened up on experiencing colorism in real life.

Talking to Vulture, she explained,

Our parents, their parents, we’ve all been programmed to think that one race or culture is superior to another. I’ve experienced colorism in that way, where if you’re lighter then you’ll potentially be accepted into society better than if you were darker-skinned. Of course, it’s a ridiculous way to think, but it’s true. And sometimes people look at Latinos and just group them into one, but there’s an internal struggle with racism as well that affects them greatly, as you see in season four. I’ve had the same experiences and the same conversations where I’ve tried to knock some sense into people.”

The Colombia-born actress added that she often comes across the misconception that people of minorities can’t be true, which she quickly debunked.

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“Some people will say, Oh, I’m a Latino so, therefore, I’m not racist. But that’s not true; you’re still exercising some of the same prejudices that are dividing us at the moment.”

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Diane has also detailed her experiences as a Latina immigrant in America in her memoir In the Country We Love.


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