She was often told she wasn’t “Mexican” enough.

Jackie Cruz may be a huge star from her Orange is the New Black days, but the truth it, it wasn’t so easy for her to get to where she is now.

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She recently spoke with Fusion about how her culture prevented her from getting a job in Hollywood:

“I had curly hair, I had darker skin than now—because, you know, I was tanning all the time—I had Keratin before Keratin, and I just wasn’t getting any parts because I wasn’t ‘Mexican enough’ and I’m like, well, I’m Dominican, and there’s all types of Latinos.”

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Unfortunately, we can’t say we’re shocked, but it still despicable to hear. We’re so glad OITNB has created a place for a such a diverse cast to exist and hope that other shows will see their success and quickly follow suit.

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