Wow, Pete Davidson just can’t help himself.

The comedian, better known as Ariana Grande‘s ex-fiancé, will not stop talking about the breakup.

Although Pete gave a seemingly heartfelt comment on the breakup on SNL, he continues to publicly joke about it, both on and off the show.

Most recently, he did a sketch with Dan Crenshaw, the newly elected House Representative that he previously mocked for his appearance. Although the bulk of the sketch was about the incident with a subsequent apology, they couldn’t help but get in a joke about Ariana.

This was the third public joke Pete has made about the breakup in less than a month. Perhaps it’s just his way of dealing with it, but it comes off seeming desperate, and worse, like he’s milking his breakup for all its worth.

Prior to his relationship with Ariana, Pete was known for, well, nothing. If you didn’t watch SNL then you probably had never heard of him until he got with Ariana (ahem, me!).

Ariana, on the other hand, is a total powerhouse. She has countless hit songs, devoted fans, 134 million Instagram followers, and some serious star power. She’s become a role model for so many young women and constantly speaks up in the name of women’s rights and feminism. And if Pete had never hitched his wagon to Ariana, he would probably still be irrelevant in pop culture.

What Ariana ever saw in him, I never knew. He constantly made inappropriate jokes — including one about the Manchester bombing at her concert — and seemed to have little going for him. Of course, this is all an outsider perspective. I do not know Pete personally nor was I party to their relationship.

Regardless, Ariana fell for him. But since their breakup, Pete has only proven himself to be a total buffoon. He’s truly the Kevin Federline of our time.

The truth is that this is nothing new. We love to joke about gold diggers but there are plenty of men who use famous women to gain relevancy.

Would anyone know the name Kris Humphries if it hadn’t been for Kim Kardashian? Or Casper Smart without Jennifer Lopez? But all these men used their relationship as a jumping off point in the hopes of achieving D-list fame.

After his divorce from Britney, K-Fed went on to appear on several reality shows. And Kris spent months and months after his divorce from Kim speaking to the press, whining about how Kim used him. A little hypocritical, no?

I’m sick of all this nonsense; Of these average Joes using badass women just for a few more minutes in the spotlight. So if Pete Davidson knows what’s good for him, he’ll move on from this little schtick, and move on fast.


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