2017 sucked. But according to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, we’re officially winning.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t made mistakes. Before we get to that, though, let’s start with the good news: we’re still here.

The Trump administration did everything in their power to defund Planned Parenthood, to take away our reproductive freedom, to take away a woman’s right to choose, but Planned Parenthood is still standing.

Cecile recently chatted with The Cut about everything there is to be grateful for.

“Though they said they were going to defund Planned Parenthood, we’re still open around the country. For me, it’s been an incredibly gratifying year because of the outpouring of support from folks. A lot of times people do say to me ‘Oh my god, how are you doing?’ But I am so grateful to have this job right now.”

And that is, in large credit, due to women of color. At the recent Women’s March, Cecile said,

“All across the country, the Women’s March inspired doctors and teachers and mothers to become activists and organizers and, yes, candidates for office. And from Virginia to Alabama and to last week in Wisconsin, women have beaten the odds to elect our own to office. Women of color, transgender women, rural and urban women. These victories were led and made possible by women of color.”

And now comes the bad news: white women need to seriously step up their game because what was done in 2017 was simply not enough.

“White women, listen up. We’ve got to do better. It is not up to women of color to save this country from itself. That’s on all of us. That’s on all of us.”

And obviously, the fight is not yet over. One of the biggest issues as of late is the attempt to take away funding for birth control.

“This administration wants to quit funding birth control and instead, fund natural family planning, like the rhythm method. Natural family planning is fine for some folks, but most couples that use natural family planning, well, we call them “parents” at Planned Parenthood.”

Luckily, states are taking the law into their own hands are taking a variety of measures to make it easier than ever for women to access birth control. Some of the most impressive laws came out of Nevada, Maryland, and Massachusetts.


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