Turns out men are just as likely to feel the pressures of weight as women.

ben whit
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Women aren’t the only ones who experience body shaming and confidence issues. Turns out men are just as likely to feel the pressures of maintaining a certain physique. But U.K’s newest plus-size male model Ben Whit is ready to change all of that.

Newly signed with Bridge Models, Ben is taking on male insecurities one step at a time. He told The Guardian,

“There is pressure to look a certain way. You see slim men on television and in fitness magazines. People want to get that look, but they’re just not built that way. I’ve seen young men in the gym putting their body through a lot of stress and it’s just not worth it.”

ben whit
credit: Instagram

Additionally, he says that unfortunately there isn’t a conversation happening about male body dysmorphia.

“Guys are a lot more reserved when it comes to talking about their size. Blokes I know aren’t going to sit down the pub with their mates and say: ‘I think I’m getting a bit chubby’.”

Getting His Start

Ben was inspired to start modeling due to the lack of options out there for larger men.

“A lot of high street companies don’t sell big enough sizes. I’d have to buy clothes online and hope they would fit, and at the start of summer I’d buy large shorts quickly before the few pairs available had sold out. It was frustrating.”

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Now Ben is doing campaigns for big and tall clothing companies, including his first photo shoot for Bad Rhino.

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A New Generation of Models

While Ben is unfortunately receiving criticism online, he still believes that fashion is ready for bigger size dudes.

“Obviously you’ve got a few haters out there. Men comment on my size and say that I’m not plus size, or that I don’t go to the gym, or that I’m obese. But many more say they are pleased to see a male model like me.

The world is ready for larger men. Women are doing really well in the plus-size industry. Now it’s time for us blokes to follow them.”

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