Ok, we are all for getting rid of our PMS, but bee pollen? Really?


Ok, we are all for getting rid of our PMS, but bee pollen? Really? A new supplement by the name of Serenol is claiming that Swedish purified pollen is the answer to all of our prayers.

Serenol boasts that it gets rid irritability and mood fluctuations associated with PMS. And all with just two ingredients: purified pollen extract and chromium picolinate (a compound that helps with insulin and with your metabolism, according to the NIH.

So how exactly does it work? Well, nobody knows. We’re not joking! Even the Serenol people admit they’re not really sure. It claims on the website,

“Just as the causes of PMS are not clear, Serenol’s mechanism of action is not fully understood. It is hypothesized that the primary ingredient in Serenol works centrally to reduce certain symptoms of PMS.”

Hmmm. Don’t mind us, we’re just a little suspicious.

A writer for New York Magazine‘s The Cut recently wrote about her experience with the supplement and after five weeks felt that it had significantly helped to balance her mood.

A search online comes up with nearly no reviews of the product. Perhaps it’s too new? We’d really like to believe that bee pollen is the simple solution to the emotional rollercoaster that is PMS, but we think we’ll wait a little longer until we throw our hats up in the air.

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