We literally can’t contain ourselves!

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Are you freaking out yet? Because we’re totally freaking out! Pretty Little Liars executive producer and mastermind I. Marlene King just spilled some major dish on the final 10 episodes of the show.

King appeared at the TV Critics’ Associate winter press tour and answered reporters’ questions about the series finale. Here’s everything we know.

  1. There will be a final time jump.

“There will be a one-year time jump before it ends,” King revealed.

  1. Your favorite couples are totally getting back together.

“The couples who are meant to be together will find themselves back together. It’s a very curvy road, many ups and downs until we get to the end.” Haleb forever!

source: Instagram
  1. Not even the cast knows what’s going on.

Lucy Hale was also on the press tour and admitted, “I’m equally as confused and I’m on the show. It’s been very fun. We almost need graphs and grids to understand what’s going on.”

  1. There’s totally going to be a musical.

One of the other executive producers Oliver Goldstick said, “All of them have incredible talents and singing happens to be one of them. And I thought it was a shame that we didn’t utilize that and we found a way to platform it in the last 10 episodes.”

  1. You will never know how the moms got out of the basement.

Before the five-year jump, all the moms were locked in a basement together. So how did they get out? Shay Mitchell said, you’ll know “all the answers except for how the moms got out of the basement. You’re never going to know.”

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