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Let Rashida Jones school you in intersectional feminism.

In case you were confused and thought feminism is just for white people, let the Parks and Rec actress correct you. The longtime outspoken feminist recently spoke to Refinery29 about the history of feminism excluding black women and other minorities.

“Feminism has to be for every woman, and if there’s an experience you don’t understand, educate yourself. I think because I’m biracial, I have a unique perspective. I am sometimes treated like a woman of color, sometimes not. I also have white feminist friends who want to know what to do, how to better understand their privilege, and how to be helpful. I don’t think it’s everyone’s job to be a bridge, but in this political and cultural climate, I try my best to be patient and instructive.”

So what do you do if you find herself falling into the trap of white feminism? Jones advised,

“Listen, listen, listen, and stay open to learning. The inherent issue with privilege is that you can’t understand the things you haven’t experienced. So staying open and empathetic to all women from different circumstances and unique issues is your best chance to show your support.”

Got it? Good!

spreading the feminist word

She previously wrote for Glamour on what it means to be a modern day feminist and she completely slayed her essay!

Rashida wrote,

I still worry about young girls emulating our current hypersexual culture without understanding how to prioritize their own pleasure and self-esteem… But just because someone chooses to be empowered by her sexuality publicly does not mean she is the enemy of progress. Feminism isn’t one march toward fairness.”


She also spoke about her missteps as a feminist and how it can take quite a few mistakes before getting it right:

There’s always room for growth. I once wrote a tweet criticizing celebs who profited from their sex appeal. In it I used the word whore in what I intended to be a tongue-in-cheek manner, and I really wish I hadn’t.”

We continue to be in awe of Rashida Jones and her honesty and outspokenness regarding feminist issues. We know that nobody is perfect but damn if she doesn’t come pretty darn close.

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