You may not know his name, but you definitely know his work. Farren Fucci gained fame on Polyvore before moving on to the big time: styling Rihanna

Fucci started styling as a hobby on Polyvore, a social e-commerce site where you can put together outfits with real clothing. It’s like Pinterest meets paper dolls. He told Teen Vogue,

“I was at work bored at Apple, originally as an operator. And I thought ‘let me put some outfits together. I got followers who like my fashion sense. Let me show them that I can do more than just take a picture and post it; I can put looks together, too.”

Fucci was also building up his social media following as well, using skills he learned in a social media marketing class. He decided to reach out to the one and only Bad Gal RiRi on Twitter, and guess what? It worked!

“I tweeted her one day saying: ‘Give me a trial period. If you follow me, I promise you won’t regret it.’ And then all the people she follows tweeted ‘Rihanna, I thought you already followed him.’ And she followed me that day. I was actually on a date, and I shrieked.”

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source: Instagram

Before he even had a chance to message her, she DMed him, saying he was one of her favorite pages.

“I thought, if Rihanna likes my eye for fashion, no one can tell me nothing. That’s when my page went all fashion.”

The two are now on texting terms (she apparently texts him all the time) and soon he was styling her for Paper magazine. He later moved on to it-girl Bella Hadid, styling her cover for Paper as well.

For Fucci, this is all a radical change from how he grew up. He moved around a lot as a child due to his mother’s abusive relationship and was even kicked out of his house at one point. He said he ended up sleeping outside in a truck for a couple of weeks.

But that’s all in the past for Farren Fucci. He continues to style Rihanna on the reg and has even moved on to fashionistas like Leona Lewis and Cindy Bruna.


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