Riverdale Season 2 premieres in just 2 days and I cannot keep calm.

Leading up to the season premiere, the cast and crew have been dropping small hints in terms of what to expect, while still maintaining huge levels of mystery.

The latest cast member to speak up on her character is Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom.

In an interview with Cosmo, Petsch revealed that Cheryl will have a love interest in Season 2. She says,

“So far, she’s been an independent woman and I like that, but that’s not necessarily been working for her by any means. She lost somebody who was the only person who ever showed her love, and I don’t think she even really knows what love is right now. She’s never really received it from anybody. She was trying to find herself last season, and now the undercurrent for her is absolutely needing love. She gets an unexpected love interest.”

WHO??? I am dying to know but will sit here patiently and wait for it to be revealed. I mean, part of the beauty of the show is the way it slowly peels back the layers of its characters and plot.

In terms of other aspects of Cheryl’s character, Petsch also described her other desires in the new season. She explains,

“Deep down, Cheryl wants to be a part of the gang more than anything, and she’s just got so many walls up and so many defense mechanisms that it’s impossible for her to find a way to be vulnerable and tell them that. The dynamic with the gang and Cheryl isn’t as negative as it was last season. She gets colder and meaner in season two, if that’s possible, but a lot of that anger is shifted towards her mother, where it should be. Hell hath no fury like a Cheryl scorned, but her mom is the one who scorned her.”

She adds that her family dynamic changes a lot in the new season, with the death of her father and brother weighing in on her strained relationship with her mother.

We thought Riverdale couldn’t get any more dramatic, but all signs are pointing to, yes, it could. And it will.

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Any guesses on Cheryl’s love interest?

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