Riverdale‘s Veronica Lodge is pretty much the queen of bows, embellished tops, and jewel tones.

Everything she wears, she wears to perfection. Rhinestone collars? Obviously. Plaid skirts? Hell yeah. Bow ties? A must! The Riverdale costumer once told Fashionista,

“Veronica is more upscale — she comes from money, a New Yorker. You’ll see her wearing a bit more high-end, more fashionable pieces as compared to Betty. She’s more in dresses and short skirts and she has a jewel-toned, darker color palette, whereas, Betty is the more pastel-y palette of colors.”

We’re pretty much jealous of Veronica’s entire wardrobe and luckily, we found the exact items Camila Mendes rocked on the show as Veronica.

Real talk: some of the items are *super* pricey but hey, Veronica deserves the best, right? Check out some of her best pieces below.





‘Riverdale’ Stars Pick Their Fave *Affordable* Beauty Products

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