Riverdale‘s Veronica Lodge is pretty much the queen of bows, embellished tops, and jewel tones.

Everything she wears, she wears to perfection. Rhinestone collars? Obviously. Plaid skirts? Hell yeah. Bow ties? A must! The Riverdale costumer once told Fashionista,

“Veronica is more upscale — she comes from money, a New Yorker. You’ll see her wearing a bit more high-end, more fashionable pieces as compared to Betty. She’s more in dresses and short skirts and she has a jewel-toned, darker color palette, whereas, Betty is the more pastel-y palette of colors.”

We’re pretty much jealous of Veronica’s entire wardrobe and luckily, we found the exact items Camila Mendes rocked on the show as Veronica.

Real talk: some of the items are *super* pricey but hey, Veronica deserves the best, right? To offset the price of her wardrobe, we’ve mixed in some more affordable lookalike items. Check them all out below.





‘Riverdale’ Stars Pick Their Fave *Affordable* Beauty Products

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