We love her!

Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard continues to amaze us! The mature actress recently gave us a new definition of feminism and we are loving it.

Speaking with The Cut, Rowan opened up about how she first came in contact with the word feminist.

“I started to have conversations with women around me and I had always heard the word feminism with a negative connotation. I remember I saw something about equal pay in Hollywood and the writer used the word feminism in the article. And at first, I was scared and thought it was a horrible word. Around the same time, Emma Watson had her speech at the United Nations, and that gave me some clarity.”

She added that as a young girl, her understanding of feminism was rather naive, explaining,

“My first definition of feminism was so small: Men and women should be equal. And maybe that’s how you have to learn it, so that it can be more accessible. But then I started discovering Audre Lorde and Angela Davis and all of these intricacies of feminism that were not being presented to me by these white feminist ‘icons.’ It was only then that I realized how deep it is and how it’s more about undoing these walls that we have built around marginalized people — it’s not just about women and men. It’s the fact that the walls for me are different than the walls for Amandla [Stenberg].”

Now the 14-year-old has a more comprehensive understanding of the concept, and has given us a brilliant new definition:

“Undoing patriarchal structures against marginalized people — structures that fight against people of color, that fight against women, that fight against disabled people, that fight against LGBTQ.”

Pretty good! It’s difficult to get everything from intersectionality to the patriarchal structures of society into one definition of feminism, but we think she did pretty well.

The pint-sized actress has also expressed concerns about the red carpet, stating that it gives women unrealistic expectations.

The 14-year-old actress had a Twitter chat with Hari Nef (aka the first Trans Woman to sign with IMG models, aka a big freaking deal) about the pitfalls of walking the red carpet that nobody seems to mention!

Hari tweeted Rowan, telling her “It’s this situation where the things you normally feel comfortable or cool in look crazy under those awful lights.”

Rowan was quick to agree, adding that it’s completely “soul-sucking.”

Why has nobody mentioned this before?!

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