For the first time in six years and eight seasons, RuPaul has finally received the Emmy nomination he truly deserves.

RuPaul Charles does not care about his Emmy nominations. And no, it’s not because he’s too cool for school.

Back in 2016, RuPaul finally received his first Emmy nomination in the category Outstanding Host for a Reality Program.

RuPaul’s Drag Race, a spin on America’s Next Top Model in which drag queen contestants are put to the test, has long been a viewer favorite. A guilty pleasure by some, a not-so-guilty pleasure for the rest of us, the show has ingeniously placed itself on the map — and did so without caring one iota what the critics thought. And now that the Logo show is finally getting some much-needed recognition by the mainstream and RuPaul literally couldn’t care less. And for good reason too.

Speaking with Vulture, RuPaul explained,

“I’ve lived my life and worked my career outside of the system, off the grid, so for me to start being inspired by what other people think of me is not what I’m about. Certain recognition, you know, recognition from a mother, from people who really know you, but from an industry is a different thing.”

Could he be any more inspiring? RuPaul has always been an icon for self-love and embracing your true self. We just adore that nothing has changed over the years. He did add, however, that he was happy for the network (which at the time was Logo) for getting the nomination.

“I was happy for Logo getting that kind of recognition. Logo is a corporation. The industry, which is a corporation, recognizing another corporation is good for business. It’s great.”

RuPaul has said that he was never one to go for mainstream culture. Even as a kid, he always danced to the beat of his own drum (Although that did win him the best dancer superlative in 9th grade).

But despite his apathy for the award, RuPaul said that he’ll still be in attendance for the show.

“I have to attend for Logo and for the producers I work with. Everything is fucking political. Will I attend? Yes, because I have to.”


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