We’re so excited for her to appear on the show!

samira wiley
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Ever since we heard Samira Wiley will have a two-episode arc on You’re the Worst, we have been freaking out! We absolutely love the Orange is the New Black actress and were totally bummed after they [SPOILER] killed off her character at the end of last season.

Samira will play Gretchen’s therapist as she attempts to work on her mental health. And while Samira was on the show for only a short time, she said she already learned a lot about depression. She told Elle,

“It showed me that depression needs to be treated in the same way that other medical conditions are. We don’t necessarily think about it in the same light, but it should be taken seriously and people should get help. And we should talk about it and not be ashamed about it. I think that’s one of the things the show does—it allows you to start a conversation about it.”

source: Instagram

Samira says she was a fan of the show even before she was ask to guest star. Particularly, she was really impressed with how the show handled how the illness can manifest.

“The second season, with the character of Gretchen, really tackled it in a way I’ve never seen before on television—showing us that it’s a very real thing and it’s a part of life. They do a great job of showcasing that.”

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