Preach, Sarah, preach.

Sarah Hyland has it all: a starring role on a hit show, awesome famous friends (ahem, Taylor Swift), and a new movie coming to Netflix. So how could a girl like that lack confidence? Turns out the actress is no stranger to a lack of self-love.

Speaking with Movie Hotties, Sarah explained that it’s a normal part of growing up to lack confidence.

“I think every woman, every man, every boy, every girl, every person goes through it. We’re human beings, we’re going to have times when we’re not confident, we’re going to have times when we’re not happy when we don’t really believe in ourselves and rely on others to give us some happiness. Validation is sometimes what we think we want. It’s really great to find happiness, find confidence and all these other things within yourself. I think that’s just another part of growing up.”

The 24-year-old pulled on this experience for her latest role of Krystal in Netflix’s new move XOXO.

XOXO premieres on Netflix on August 26th. In the meantime, the starlet will continue filming Modern Family season 8, which premieres on ABC September 21st.

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