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Scarlett Johansson doesn’t hold back when it comes to the Trumps.

In an interview with Ariana Huffington at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit, the actress called Ivanka Trump’s actions “baffling” and “cowardly”.

Johansson is referring to Ivanka’s recent interview with Gayle King, in which Ivanka revealed that a lot fo the work she’d be doing for her father’s administration would be done behind closed doors. She also admitted that she had a secret meeting with Planned Parenthood to discuss abortion. The details of this meeting are still being uncovered.

Scarlett believed this to be old-fashioned, and not what the First Daughter should be doing.

She explained,

“She is a very well-spoken and smart, intelligent woman, and I think engaging … but the whole situation baffles me.”

Scarlett acknowledged that the situation is complicated, and we agree that it is a head-scratcher. Ivanka’s role in the administration is a confusing one, and many feel she is currently doing the duties that First Lady Melania Trump should be taking on.

Johansson herself is no stranger to criticism about choices she’s made. She’s recently come under fire for her role in Ghost in the Shell, a film accused of whitewashing. Since the controversy, Johansson has attempted to defend her casting, to no avail.

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