So the internet pretty much went bananas when Selena Gomez stepped out in a Madewell outfit.

For context: this is the same girl who once carried a $3,830 Louis Vuitton bag to the gym. Hey, no judgment! — the girl works hard!

But when Selena wore an outfit that us normal folk could actually afford, people were super psyched. The outfit in question 9which she wore on a date night with on-again-off-again bae Justin Bieber) consisted of $70 white sweater from Madewell and $135 black jeans, also from Madewell.

We also rounded up a few other outfits Sel has worn over the years that are super cute and super (well, kind of) affordable. Check it out below.

Madewell Sweater & Jeans


selena gomez affordable
Source: Instagram


 Victoria’s Secret Slip


Credit: Selena Gomez/Instagram


Urban Outfitters Crop Top & Overalls


Credit: Selena Gomez/ Instagram


 Topshop Jean Jacket


Source: Instagram


 Topshop Sweater


Source: Instagram

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