So much Jelena, so little time!

As we all know, Jelena is back in full swing with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoying many (very public) dates recently. And although neither has officially confirmed the relationship, they’ve made no effort to hide the relationship.

Some are wondering why Selena would even bother giving Bieber a second chance. After all that trouble he got into over the years?

According to “a source,” Selena just couldn’t let go of her first love.

“Justin was Selena’s first love. He will always have a special place in her heart. She’s always held out hope that one day the circumstances and timing would be right.”

And apparently, Justin has felt the same way this whole time as well.

“For Justin, no one ever came close to comparing to Selena. He always thoughts she was the most special and now seems mature enough to realize Selena deserves the best.”

Justin has mostly kept out of trouble recently so perhaps he truly has matured. Another source told,

“Selena is blown away by Justin’s new integrity. Since they’ve reunited, Justin now keeps every promise he makes and is doing everything he says he is going to do. Selena feels secure in their relationship because he is making it easy for her to trust him completely. Justin has grown, matured and has really changed a lot in the last few years. She is falling in love all over again with a new and improved Justin who calls when he says he is going to call, texts when he says he will and is doing everything right.”

Wow, we really hope that’s all true because let’s be real, Selena is a queen and if Justin doesn’t step it up then #Jelena will be over just as fast as it started.

The most recent date night included taking a private jet to Seattle where they spent the day at the Sugar Factory and sharing a non-alcoholic drink in the Chocolate lounge.

Selena and Justin have also been attending Christian couples counseling. Multiple sources say that Justin has been trying to be more “open and honest” with Selena and admitted to texting with his ex Hailey Baldwin.

The couple has seemingly made Church a big part of their life together, attending nearly every weekend. Justin’s mom said,

“I think he’s just keeping his focus on God, and really trying to figure out what counts and what matters.”

Apparently, Selena’s mom is less than thrilled about the reunion and Selena and her mom Mandy are currently not speaking. A source told,

“Selena gets why her mom has so many reservations about her seeing Justin again, but she just wishes Mandy would trust her judgment and give him a break. She’s upset, but totally not phased by her family’s disapproval though, if anything it makes her all the more determined to make it work out with Justin to prove them wrong. Selena can be stubborn as a mule, but also, she’s 25-years old, and she believes she knows what’s best for, better than her family. Justin makes Selena happy, he’s the love of her life, and there’s no way she’s going to walk away from their one last shot at love just to appease her mother.”

We just hope Selena’s friends and family won’t stand in her way. We all know that Taylor Swift isn’t the biggest fan of the Biebs. Swift notoriously made a face at the couple backstage at the Billboard Music Awards in 2013. And according to Us Weekly, Francia Raisa isn’t so keen on him either. Their source said she “has not been a fan of Bieber after all that Selena and he went through.”

Now that Justin has grown up a bit, maybe they will come around. Jelena, we’re rooting for you!

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