Although it took Selena Gomez a few years to find her voice, she’s now become more outspoken than ever on political issues like immigration, abortion rights, and gun control.

But even before she started articulating her opinions outright, she often told us her political views through subtle messages in her fashion.

Below are some of our favorite times she stood up for the things she cared about.

Her ‘1973’ Necklace

selena gomez politics 1973 necklace

In 2019, Selena rocked a minimalist “1973” necklace by jewelry designer Sophie Ratner. The necklace is a direct reference to the year Roe v. Wade was passed and is a collaboration with organization Physicians for Reproductive Health.

The necklace is particularly poignant right now with conservative lawmakers around the country trying to pass aggressive abortion bans.

Selena actually took to Instagram last month to express her frustration over the bans and wrote,

“To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only deeply upsetting but seems that it can’t possibly be real in 2019. It’s no one’s business what a woman chooses to do with her body. End of story.”

The necklace retails for $380 and 30% of the proceeds go straight to Physicians for Reproductive Health. Check out the necklace here.

Her ‘We Are All Dreamers’ T-Shirt

selena gomez politics immigrants dreamers

Back in 2018, Selena took to Instagram to show off her t-shirt with the message, “We Are All Dreamers,” in support of DACA recipients.

This certainly wasn’t the first time Sel made her feelings known about immigration. In 2017, she posted to Instagram to defend “the wonderful people being threatened by the unfortunate reversal of DACA.”

Since then, she since condemned the immigration detention centers, produced a documentary for Netflix on the subject, and more.

The topic is particularly close to Selena’s heart as her grandparents immigrated to the United States illegally.

You can get the t-shirt here.

Her ‘We The People’ Necklace

selena gomez politics fashion style 2020

Back in August 2017, Selena got political with a dainty “We the People” gold necklace by Slow Factory.

Selena wore the necklace a few days after the horrible events of Charlottesville, Virginia.

At the time, Selena didn’t make any formal statements but rather let her necklace do the speaking for her.

The necklace was made in response to Trump’s Muslim ban and 10% of the proceeds for the $150 necklace go straight to the ACLU. Check out the necklace here.

Her ‘God Loves Nasty Women’ Jacket

selena gomez politics immigrants

The very first time Selena decided to get political in Trump’s America was way back in February 2017.

Selena rocked the jean jacket at an after-party for the Grammys that she attended with then-boyfriend The Weekend.

It was the first time Selena made any sort of political statement since Trump was elected. The maker of the jacket is still unknown.

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