We always knew Serena Williams was fabulous.

We always knew Serena Williams was fabulous but we’re not sure we couldn’t have predicted she was quite this awesome. The tennis pro and fashion designer recently chatted with Vogue for their “73 Questions” series. These are the most important things we learned about her.

10. Drake is the funniest person she knows.

Although she totally calls him Aubrey, because their on a first name basis, of course.

9. She would definitely raid Mariah Carey’s closet.

“She has amazing shoes!”

8. She loves Malcolm in the Middle as much as we do.

She admitted that she recently binge-watched the show.

serena williams
credit: Instagram

7. She gives the best fashion advice.

“Be you, wear your style and be confident.”

6. She’s doesn’t even celebrate winning anymore.

“After 12 or 13 or 14 [wins], you kind of stop!”

5. Beyonce loved her recreation of Bey’s 7/11 video.

According to Serena, Bey “thought it was really cute!”

4. She can’t stop dancing to Rihanna.

Work, work, work, work, work, work!

[Tweet “”Be you, wear your style and be confident.” -Serena Williams”]

3. She speaks French.

Like any classy women would.

2. Her walk-on song is “Flashdance”

By Irena Cara.

1. She’s an awesome dancer

The tennis player demonstrated her twerking, body rolls, and of course, the Milly Rock.

Watch the full video above.

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