They are officially our new favorite couple!

source: Instagram

Bahh! Why must they be so secretive? Serena Williams and fiancé Alexis Ohanian, aka Reddit cofounder, have been keeping their relationship pretty much under wraps so it was a huge surprise when they announced their engagement!

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on them as well as we have, let as sum up everything we know about the cute couple

They were first spotted together back in October,

Us Weekly was the first to break the news, and wrote that sources spotted the pair holding hands at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. Aww!

They met in Rome.

Serena took to Reddit (obviously) to post an adorable poem about how they met. She wrote:

I came home

A little late

Someone had a bag packed for me

And a carriage awaited

Destination: Rome

To escort me to my very own “charming”

Back to where our stars first collided

And now it was full circle

At the same table we first met by chance

This time he made it not by chance

But by choice

Down on one knee

He said 4 words



source: Instagram

He loves bragging about her on Instagram. 

Although Ohanian hasn’t posted any pics of the two together, he does love posting images of his bae and telling her how “proud” he is of her victories.

She’s yet to show the ring.

Although a few believe they spotted the engagement ring while Williams was out and about, the tennis star has yet to share a close-up pic of her new bling with her fans. Girl, what are you waiting for!

She simply shared a pic of a taco ring with the caption “sneak peak.”

Sneak peek. ❤️It was a corn tortilla of course in case you were wondering.

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