This should have happened long ago.

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Credit: Rise

This bill clearly should have been enacted long ago, but thanks to the 24-year-old founder of nonprofit Rise, Amanda Nguyen.

Amanda lobbied veraciously for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to introduce the bill and now, 10 months later, the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act has officially been passed by the Senate!

The new act will give survivors three basic rights: the right to know the results of the forensic testing of their rape kit, the right to their rape kit kept in-tact free of charge until the relevant state’s statute of limitations has come to an end, and the right to be notified in writing 60 days prior to when their rape kit will be destroyed.

While these rights seem like they should be obvious, unfortunately rape victims often haven’t been afforded these very basic considerations in the past, hence the need for the bill.

Amanda founded Rise to help empower sexual assault victims as well as help obtain them civil rights. She has also been vocal about her own assault experience and has stated that she must request that her rape kit not be destroyed every six months, even though the statute of limitation in Massachusetts (where the assault took place) is 15 years.

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