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As if Shay Mitchell could get any cooler! The Pretty Little Liars actress is selling new “Emison” shirts — aka Emily + Alison — with 50% of the proceeds going to GLAAD.

Shay showed off the new shirts on her Instagram and they are so cute! The shirts are being sold through Represent.

Click here to buy your shirt now.

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speaking out on the issue

Shay recently spoke with Nylon about what it’s like to play a gay character on PLL and her answer was flawless.

“I think having girls and guys watch the show and see how big of a weight was lifted off of Emily when she came out, and just seeing the support she got from people who care about her, that was great for them to see.

It brought up the conversation in a very organic way with whoever was watching the show. I’ve been really lucky to be able to play her.”

In case you’ve never seen PLL, Shay plays Emily who struggles with her sexual identity in the first season and then struggles even more to come out to her friends and family.

And now multiple seasons in, Emily (Shay) is able to have her relationships out in the open with the acceptance of her friends and family. Sure, it’s a little candy-coated, but it’s still nice to see a prominent gay character in a show for teens.

Pretty Little Liars will return for one last season before officially pulling the plug.


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