Put down your tweezers because the unibrow is officially in.

It all started brewing in September 2017. Yara Shahidi posted an Instagram dedicated to her beautiful brow. And then there was Lorde‘s Vogue cover, about which she exclaimed on Twitter,

“It’s literally fucked that I could be on the cover of vogue I used to get called monobrow at school that BROW IS ON COVER OF VOGUE.”

But that wasn’t even the half of it. Because then the world met Instagram model Sophia Hadjipanteli. The Greek Cypriot has the most beautiful unibrow you have ever seen. It even rivals Frida Kahlo’s (to whom she paid homage to with a special Instagram post).

Sophia Hadjipanteli unibrow
Credit: Sophia Hadjipanteli/ Instagram

All of this was very exciting for unibrow enthusiasts, but it was just drips and drabs. Until now.

This week is Milan Fashion Week and Gucci brought their A-game, per usual. Another thing they brought? Two unibrowed babes. According to Vogue, the inspiration most likely came from the women of central Asian countries like Tajikistan, where unibrows are considered particularly beautiful.

By now you can probably guess how the rest of the story unfolds. When the high-fashion world embraces something, it’s like being touched by a golden thumb. It’s only a matter of time before the trend trickles down to the masses.

gucci unibrow
Source: The Cut/ Instagram

And I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. Once upon a time, I had a hint of a uni, but it hasn’t seen the world quite some time. I’ve been tweezing since high school and my brows have been separate ever since.

I’m not saying I definitely want to bring my full brow back, but I’d like the choice. Yes, I technically have the choice now, I know that. But I’d like to be able to put down the tweezers without getting strange looks from everyone I pass on the street.

The point is, I don’t want to feel obligated to have to live up to society’s beauty standards all the time. It’s exhausting. There’s such a specific, unobtainable beauty ideal and every time we break down those beauty standards we free ourselves just a little bit more. So in the words of Tess Holliday, eff your beauty standards because the unibrow is back, babe! Oh, Frida would be so proud.


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