Things are about to get cray cray.

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Arrow is returning tonight (!) and the show’s executive producer Wendy Mericle just revealed that things are going to majorly change for Felicity.

Last we saw, Felicity’s BF Detective Malone had just died and now Felicity is going to embark on a brand new journey.

Mericle told E! News,

“This is really Felicity’s island, what she’s going through this year, and we wanted to see how she comes out of it on the other side. We really wanted Felicity to go through a journey this season of really understanding, in a way, what Oliver had been through in season one. I think Felicity now understands in a really profound and tragic way, what Oliver means when he says that you can’t have a personal life.”

She then added,

“We wanted to put her in a normalized place at the beginning of the year, after the breakup and everything that happened in season four, and lighten her up a little bit only to again pull the rug out from under her in the middle of the season and see where we can take her.

We always are looking for ways to give her more story and more autonomy, and this is a way to do it. She’s trying to have an outside life in some ways in season five, independent of the team, and we’re going to end her, I think, in a very interesting place, and Detective Malone’s death is really the kickoff of that journey for the back half of the season for her.”
As you probably know by now, Oliver was the one to accidentally kill Detective Malone and although Felicity won’t blame him for his death, there is definitely going to be fallout.

“I think we’re playing it in ways that no one is going to expect.”

We are so excited! Arrow returns to the CW tonight at 8 PM.

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