If anxiety is often dismissed generally, it’s definitely not taken seriously when a successful celebrity speaks out about hers. Daisy Ridley is using raw honesty to change that.

Daisy starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released December 2015. A year later while shooting The Last Jedi, she learned her stress level was so high that her body was constantly in fight-or-flight mode.

Daisy told Glamour,

“I did this test in January of last year, and [the doctors] said my body should be 30 percent stress, 70 percent normal. I was 70 percent stress and 30 percent normal. My cortisol was so high, or something like that. I was so sick one of the days we were filming that a publication tried to make out like I was hungover. I was like, ‘Guys! I don’t drink on school nights.'”

It’s clear that Daisy’s mental health is a top priority, and she knows it deserves to be. She’s open about the fact that because of sensitivity, she’s not equipped for social media, so she doesn’t use it. She also knows she has every right to her privacy, especially when it comes to protecting her mental health.

She said,

“There is also a sense that I’m asked who I’m dating a lot more than John [Boyega] is. I don’t answer, because I have things in my life that are private. There is certainly a personal thing of, “Will people think I’m ungrateful?” Someone literally said to me, ‘So-and-so didn’t answer questions about that, and they came across really cold.’ But I have to come first, because if I am not healthy—I was struggling with anxiety last year—if I’m not mentally healthy, or I’m depleted from sharing so much, I won’t have anything left for when people approach me.”

But before she deleted her Instagram, she used it to discuss her endometriosis diagnosis.

She wrote,

“I can safely say feeling so self-conscious has left my confidence in tatters. I hate wearing makeup but I currently don’t want to leave the house without it on. HOWEVER, PROGRESS IS BEING MADE! (With some help from a dermatologist and cutting out dairy (waah, except for spontaneous ice creams) and cutting down sugar (bigger waah but gotta do what you’ve gotta do)).”

An actress with a giant platform speaking openly and normally about a skin disease that can cause embarrassment or shame is so important. I can imagine the benefit of thousands of other young women suffering from endometriosis or PCOS like Daisy and seeing the positivity and invulnerability she uses while fighting it.

Daisy is as passionate about mental health awareness as she is about acting. In fact, she once said she plans on getting a psychology degree.

She told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I always felt interested in it. People really benefit from talking about what’s going on, and the people who help others get through awful points in their life are actually amazing. To touch someone who’s going through something would be very fulfilling. Then again, I get very emotional so I don’t know whether I would get too involved in things and be able to separate.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters December 15.

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