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Listen up Podcasters: You’re missing out on one of the best podcasts out there. We’re talking about a show that’s equally as good as Serial season 1, way better than Serial season 2, and has the potential to achieve This American Life status.

We’re talking about StartUp: the podcast about what it’s like to start your own business. But StartUp isn’t just for business-minded folks. The series is for everyone and anyone. It’s addicting from minute one and you won’t stop until you’ve binge-listened the entire first season.

Season one focuses on Alex Blumberg, the founder of start up podcasting company Gimlet, and follows all his trails and errors from butchering his pitch to a Silicon Valley billionaire to finding the perfect business partner.

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Blumberg is refreshingly honest, totally witty, and most importantly, relatable.

Each following season chooses a new startup to follow (the show is currently in its third season) and shows an unflinchingly honest perspective of what it’s really like to start your own business.

Not only is Blumberg’s StartUp a hit, but it turns out his company Gimlet isn’t doing too shabby either. Since launching, Gimlet has added five more shows to its lineup, including the hilarious tech show Reply All.

You can start listening to StartUp here (but we highly recommend starting from the beginning!) or you can download via iTunes.

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