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23-year-old transgender model Stav Strashko is proud of her body. But she needs you to know something: unlike many other transgender people in the media, she has no plans for gender reassignment surgery. Let her explain.

The Israeli-born model recently told Teen Vogue,

I do consider myself a trans person. By definition, transgender doesn’t include only those who have had surgery; it’s just someone who identifies with another gender. But I never wanted to go through the surgery — I feel comfortable in my body. I have a boyfriend who loves me the way I am. I don’t want to change anything.”

Beautifully said!

But while Stav is currently comfortable in her skin, it took her a while to understand her identity as a trans person.

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“No one ever told me what being gay or transgender was. The only time I heard those words used was as an insult. So, when I realized I was attracted to boys and to my feminine side, I didn’t know how to deal with it. It took me a long time to build the confidence to know that this is normal.”

She added, “I didn’t understand that I wanted to live my life as a girl.”

We’re so happy that Stav Strashko found her way and now she can be a role model for others.

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6 thoughts on “Stav Strashko Doesn’t Want Reassignment Surgery and This is Why”

  1. a lot start this way, then change their minds as they get its ok to be who they are. or she might not. being transgender does NOT mean you are transsexual (those who get surgeries for actual sex change)

    1. It all mind game. We are all the same. For her and me it a model. We have to be perfect. Its happy to be with are girls! Crystal castale. I think like most of of us she being foced. One thing I have understood is real love come and will allways be us you. That are to many classifications of people. She is a model you must relate to that gay or strarte. Sar cost atleast 25 grand plus Brest plaacement and face hormons are a vlesseing. I all ready lost my fam and friends if I gave all that up. Its worth it. Be teacher’s I am staying with my people transgender Or what ever you classifications us. To many boys huit me no more

  2. feel you on that in what you said. i to wont to be a model! being 42 and trying now is hard. looking 20 is as if. do you think your boyfriend stops you? something tell me your not happy. why? cause your saying something.the goal is to to find love right. he not trans. nor a model. when your body wonts to be it self it will.. you say or i say you wont a boy or man but you wont someone to understand us!!!! i think you need some love from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So beautiful! I am glad she has a loving boyfriend and the confidence to be happy in her own skin.

  4. I personally would not consider this person transgender due to the fact that this person loves their penis and is in a relationship with a man who also loves penis. What this person is, is gay, a gay man who is feminine. And I ask you what is wrong with that, absolutely nothing !

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