She speaks the truth.

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A staple of Louis Vuitton’s runway (she’s been his muse for five years in a row), Swiss model Tamy Glauser has already proven she’s wise beyond her years.

Dubbed by the fashion community as an androgynous beauty, Tamy wants to get one thing straight right away: androgyny is not about her looks, nor is it about her clothes. She recently told Vogue,

A thought such as ‘what could I wear that’s androgynous’ has never crossed my mind, yet I am always perceived that way by others. My theory is that androgyny is within my being and not within my clothing.”

YAS! Androgyny can be such a difficult concept for many to understand, but Tamy is so articulate in her explanation.

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She added that she’s relieved that the fashion world is finally coming to understand the complexity of gender, and hopes it will trickle down to the masses.

“It’s a wonderful thing that the fashion industry realizes that thinking in gender is nothing but a self-restriction. Why tie yourself down to two genders when there are uncountable possibilities and in-betweens, no gender strings attached, free.”

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