Target just launched it’s newest bra line dubbed “Auden” and it goes all the way up to 46G! Oh, and it’s also all under $22. Yeah, pretty freaking cool.

If you have breasts bigger than a D, you know how unbelievably difficult it is to find bras, let alone bras that you can afford.

For many brands, the bigger the bra, the higher the price tag (rude!) and that’s only if you can find your bra size in the first place.

Just for reference, popular brands Victoria’s Secret (ugh) goes up to size 40F, Savage x Fenty goes up to 44F, and Third Love goes up to 48I (winner!).

And trust when I say that a lot of those bras are expensive. Obviously, a lot of them are pretty good quality, but as someone on a budget, I can’t always afford it.

Not to mention that half of those bras are push up bras. Do you really think I need a push-up when I’m a size DD??

There are a few cheaper options out there like ASOS (44L), H&M (38F), and Aerie (40E), but quality can be spotty and the fit isn’t always great.

Ok, so back to Target.

The line includes the classics:  bralettes, t-shirt bras, racerbacks, demi bras, nursing bras, wire-free, full coverage, plunge, push-up, and more.

Most of the patterns are pretty simple. There are four different nudes (unfortunately nothing much for darker skin) and then your typical colors like black, white, navy, etc.

It’s not a particularly sexy line so if you’re looking for true lingerie, you’re going to have to look elsewhere, at least for now.

But the line is functional and affordable. And most importantly, it’s there.

I’m personally just so excited to have another option of where I can buy bras my size. And if Target’s latest clothing launches are any indication, the quality will be decent.

Check out a few of the styles below. You can view the full line here.

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