When Target launched their new line Prologue featuring sleek women’s clothes for the workplace, everyone pretty much went bananas.

But a few weeks after the launch and the reviews are in: the clothes are cheap, itchy, and ill-fitting.

Everything in the line is under $50 and apparently, the quality reflects it.

I was personally psyched for the tweed overcoat but after reading what buyers had to say, I knew it wasn’t worth spending the money. One reviewer pretty much summed up the problems with the jacket, writing,

“Was eager to receive to finally receive this item from ordering online only to be hugely disappointed in the quality or lack thereof. No lining, itchy, cheap fabric and the sleeves were too short for my arms.”

And it’s not just the tweed jacket. The sherpa longline vest is said to be made “out of the cheapest fabric”, many of the tops are considered “unflattering”, and the trench coat is “frumpy and shapeless.”

What a disappointment! It’s hard enough to find affordable, fashionable clothes to wear to the office so when Target said they had the solution (in sizes XS-4X by the way!), the internet was thrilled. Buying cute and flattering workwear for under $50 is tricky, especially if you’re a curvy girl.

Target still has a lot of other great clothing lines they’ve launched recently, so if you’re looking for clothes to wear on your day off, they’ve got you covered. And in the meantime, hopefully Target can perfect Prologue and make it everything we dreamt of.

(Oh, and the one upside to the line? One of our fave plus-size activists ANTM‘s KhrystyAna is one of the models!)


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