Remember a few years ago when the whole world was hating on Taylor Swift?

They accused her of playing the victim. They said she dated too many guys. They called her a fame whore.

And then in 2014, she came out with “Shake it Off” and showed the world she was in on the joke. And more importantly, Taylor showed her fans that she couldn’t care less about the criticism and she’s one tough cookie.

Taylor seemingly redeemed herself with 1989, which many call her best album to date. And more than that, her whole demeanor — whether in interviews or onstage — was admirable.

But oh, how the tables have turned. Yet again, the internet is rejecting Swift and her whole persona.

Swift recently released her full Reputation album and let’s just say folks were *not* impressed. Sure, there are the diehard Swifties who will defend her no matter what. But critics and listeners alike were just not feeling it.

And if that weren’t enough, Taylor is now feuding with the ACLU. The freaking ACLU, of all organizations! That certainly doesn’t bode well for her. And especially with her silence surrounding such issues as Trump, Charlottesville, and other important issues, fans were already losing faith in Taylor as a role model.

Not to mention that the latest reports are calling Taylor a total diva. Sources told The Sun that she was becoming overbearing in trying to craft her public image and wanted editorial approval on all interviews going forward. The source added,

“She doesn’t feel like she needs to do interviews to sell albums anymore.”

Oh, Taylor. What have you become?

If you ask me (not that anyone has), it all started when Taylor began straightening her hair. Ok, just hear me out.

Curly-haired Taylor was relatable. She was vulnerable in her music and in interviews. Remember “Teardrops on My Guitar”? Or “Romeo and Juliet”? How sweet were those?!

Straight-haired Taylor is all Hollywood. She’s no longer that little girl from Nashville. She’s a superstar and her brand is so much bigger than just her.

I’m not saying that artists shouldn’t evolve — in fact, they have to evolve if they want to stay relevant. But I’m concerned that Taylor has become unrelatable. And that doesn’t serve her well.

Meanwhile, her friend Selena Gomez has done just the opposite. Ever since her unbelievable performance at the AMAs in 2014 where she sang “The Heart Wants What it Wants,” she’s really connected with her fans on a new level. Between her emotional performances, speeches, and interviews, and her vulnerability in revealing her lupus diagnosis, Selena has become the star and the role model that Taylor has not.

I’m convinced that Taylor can still make it right. She can turn it around. She just needs to reconnect with her roots, with who she is and where she came from. Then, and only then, can she win America’s heart back.

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