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credit: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Taylor Swift announced the release of her new album Reputation. In the days leading up to the announcement, Swift posted a few vague videos on Instagram featuring a snake. And now Swifties are using the snake against Kim Kardashian.

The harassment has gotten so bad that it actually appears Kim has blocked the use of the snake emoji by any of commenters. (This is actually a feature anyone can use on their accounts).

So why exactly are Swift fans coming at Kim? You may recall that Swift and Kim/Kanye are in a notorious feud. Back in the midst of that drama, the snake emoji was used against Taylor when it was revealed that she had actually approved Kanye’s lyric about her in his song “Famous,” which she previously denied. And now, fans are throwing the emoji back in Kardashian’s face.

This response from Swift’s fans bothers me. Kim rightfully called out Taylor for lying a year ago. And so now that Taylor is announcing a new album, they’re choosing to spend their time harassing Kim? How about being the bigger person? Instead of bothering Kim, support Taylor. It is so childish and silly to respond in any other way. It wasn’t right for people to post snake emojis last year to Taylor either, but retaliation isn’t the answer.

Kim and Taylor are both flawed and have made many problematic claims over their careers. But why stir the pot when you don’t have to?

We live in a society that is riddled with acts of hate. Sure, this drama may be petty by comparison, but why not spread love when we can? I urge fans of any artist or celeb to support their favorites, instead of dragging those that they don’t like.

Celebrity drama may be trivial at times, but it’s no excuse for cyber bullying. They’re still people.

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