Taylor Swift has long been known for her incredibly honest lyrics.

Whether she’s making fun of her reputation with songs like “Blank Space” or “Shake it Off,” or getting more emotionally vulnerable with songs like “Delicate,” Taylor has often left it all out there.

Her latest song “The Archer” from her impending album Lover is perhaps her most self-aware song yet.

Taylor gets real about her insecurities in relationships and questions whether she’s worth sticking around for. In the chorus, she sings,

“Who could ever leave me, darling / But who could stay?”

She continues to wonder if people could “see right through her,” see the true her that she tries to hide from the world.

The song is reminiscent of “Delicate,” in which she sings,

“My reputation’s never been worse, so / You must like me for me.”

But “The Archer” is perhaps even more relatable than “Delicate.” Who amongst us hasn’t wondered if we were worthy of our partners? Who hasn’t thought, “why is this person with me?”

Ahead of the song’s release, Taylor said,

“There’s a lot that’s covered, emotionally. And I really wanted to give you track 5 before album came out. Track 5 is kind of a tradition that really started with you guys, because I didn’t realize I was doing this, because as I was making albums, I don’t know why, but instinctively, I was putting a very emotional, honest track as track 5.”

Previous track five songs have included “Delicate,” “All Too Well,” and “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

Taylor also mentions that “The Archer” actually won’t be her next single but just a song that she really wanted to share ahead of Lover‘s release. She currently has no plans to make a music video for the song but perhaps the overwhelmingly positive fan reactions will change her mind.

The full album Lover drops August 23.


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